Bamboo Fusion Massage Step-by-step Treatment

Cost: $105–158

Duration: 50–80 minutes

Products needed

Basic massage oil

Disinfecting wipes

Supplies needed

Electric moist heating pad that is 17 x 27 inches to prevent the bamboo sticks from drying.

Full set of bamboo sticks including:

1 large-full; a large 16-inch long round bamboo stick

1 half-full; an 8-inch round bamboo

2 thin 16-inch sticks (these two sticks are both wrapped at one end with a soft cloth that is used for a firm, but gentle tapotement technique)

4 half-cuts; two 8-inch round sticks cut lengthwise to offer a rounded side and a flat side

Step 1: As you complete a thorough health background interview with the client, make sure the bamboo sticks warm in a moist heating pad. The table should be warm and comfortable, with a sheet and blanket to cover the client, who should only be undraped in the areas that the therapist is working. Also, taking care of the bamboo sticks is a priority; if they are dropped or miss-used they could split or chip. It is very rare, but a thorough inspection of the sticks prior to each treatment is recommended. If there is a small chip or split, it can be filed down with a very fine nail file.

Step 2: At the start of the massage, employ a technique using two thin 16-inch tapotement sticks to stimulate circulation. Use basic massage oil throughout the massage on all the bamboo sticks to provide a smooth glide. The rhythmic vibration from shoulders to feet of the tapotement sticks prepares the body for a deep state of relaxation.

Step 3: With client lying face down, start at the client’s back. Use the large bamboo stick to work the upper trapezius with a rolling and pivoting technique to knead out the knots in the shoulders and neck.

Step 4: Use the half-full stick turned on end to work the details around the scapula with gentle, direct pressure.

Step 5: Use two warm half-cuts to finish the back with long, gliding, flowing techniques.

Step 6: With the large-full, apply kneading, rolling and pivoting techniques to work out the strong muscles in the legs and gluts. The bamboo’s heat will help provide relaxation as the techniques offer relief by stretching and working out the tension for over-used muscles in the calves and hamstrings.

Step 7: Use the two thin 16-inch tapotement sticks again to finish the posterior side of the body.

Step 8: Ask the client to lie on her back, holding the towel for privacy. Use the two half-cuts across the décolleté, around the shoulders and up the back and sides of the neck. Pivoting the sticks around the upper traps with each half-cut will release muscle tension in the shoulders or reduce the pain of a stiff neck.

Step 9: After removing the cloth cover from one of the tapotement sticks, the thin, warm stick will be used for gentle traction at the base of the skull. This technique provides great relief for tension headaches.

Step 10: Next, use long, gliding strokes with the half-cuts to work on the forearms, palms and provide a good stretch for the fingers.

Step 11: A gentle gliding motion should be used to warm the muscles of the lower leg and quads using two half-cuts.

Step 12: With a gentle bend of the client’s knee, use the large-full stick to address the arch of the foot, lower leg and quads by using a rolling, kneading and pivoting technique.

Step 13: Detailed work can be done using the end of the half-cut on the tibialis anterior, which is always over-used by runners and high-heel wearers.

Step 14: Gently hold the feet with two warm half-cuts on the bottom of each foot as a closing ritual that ends the massage.

Step 15: After thanking the client, offering her a refreshing lemon water and providing a shower facility or warm washcloths if a shower is unavailable. Disinfect all the bamboo sticks with disinfecting wipes to ensure sanitation for the next client.