Treatment Step-by-step: The Man Facial

Although treatments should vary by skin type and needs, following is a general treatment step-by-step for a man’s facial. Remember: For men, it’s all about the experience; they love to be massaged on the neck, shoulders and scalp, which is a perfect addition during the time the enzyme and mask are applied. They also enjoy the sensation of hot and cold, which you can achieve through the mask, ice globes, or hot or cold stone therapy. Finally, don’t talk too much. Let soft music lull him into deep relaxation.

Cost: $75–125

Duration: 45–60 minutes

Products needed


Exfoliating scrub

Enzyme formula


Eye-firming formula

Skin-corrective formula

Hydrating serum

Rejuvenating and hydrating mask

Skin-strengthening toner

Skin-firming peptide

Protective daytime cream

Lip guard

Supplies needed

Towel or gauze

Wet, heated compresses

Soft brushes

2-inch gauze

Ice globes (optional)

Massage stones (optional)

Equipment needed

Steamer (optional)

Step 1: Begin the treatment with a deep pore cleanse. Massage cleanser into the skin for several minutes, then rinse with warm water and a white towel or gauze. Blot the skin dry.

Step 2: Next, apply a generous amount of an exfoliating scrub and manually massage into the skin for 3–5 minutes for a deep cleanse. Rinse skin well and blot it dry. Be sure to brush away any excess granules and rinse again. You can apply a wet, heated compress at this time, if desired.

Step 3: Remove the compress. Using a soft brush, apply an enzyme formula evenly to the skin. Steam may also be used here. The amount of time this is left on the skin is determined by the intensity of the enzyme, and the thickness and sensitivity of the skin. Thicker or courser skin will be able to tolerate most enzymes for up to 15 minutes. More sensitive, thinner skin requires a time that ranges from 8 to 10 minutes. Remove with warm water and gauze or a towel. You may also perform extractions at this time, if needed.

Step 4: Apply a toner to the skin with 2-inch gauze and let it absorb fully.

Step 5: Next, rebuild and correct the skin by blotting an eye-firming formula around the eyes.

Step 6: Massage a cocktail of a skin-corrective formula and hydrating serum into the entire face, then apply a warm compress to let the nutrients penetrate the skin.

Step 7: Remove the compress and, using a brush, apply a rejuvenating and hydrating mask evenly to the face and neck and let it remain on the skin for 10 minutes while you massage the neck and shoulders. Men love the sensation of cooling and clay masks because they want something they can feel.

Step 8: This is an optional step. Apply dampened gauze over the upper and lower portion of the face, and roll cold ice globes over the face or use cold stone therapy. Alternatively, hot stones or a warm compress may be used.

Step 9: Remove the mask with tepid water, repeating the rinse several times. Blot skin dry

Step 10: Strengthen and restore the skin with a skin-strengthening toner. Let it absorb while performing a gentle tapotement over the face.

Step 11: Massage a cocktail of skin-firming peptide and hydrating serum into the skin. Apply the eye-firming formula once more, and finish with a protective daytime cream and lip guard.