Treatment Step-by-Step: Easy Makeup Application After Facials

Products needed:

Foundation or sheer tinted moisturizer

Rosy colored lip stain, lip conditioner or balm

Rice powder

Blush, cream or cheek stain

Matte nude eye shadow

Gel eyebrow groomer or eyebrow pencil

Clear or brown mascara

Tools needed:

Disposable makeup sponge (optional)

Disposable lip brush

Kabuki brush

Fan brush

Fluff brush

Step 1: After completing the facial, ask your client if she would like a mini touch-up application. If she has never had one or you have not done this before, it will be something fresh and new to her. Tell her about your new offering, and that you would be delighted to apply a dash of color to her face.

Step 2: If she says yes, help the client up from the facial bed and allow the face serum, sunscreen and eye cream you have applied during the facial to set while she gets dressed and combs her hair. Remember, powder or powder base does not stick well to a freshly moisturized face, so it is good to wait a few minutes. Then ask her to sit back down on the side of the bed facing you. Another idea is to have a chair in the room for this application.

Step 3: Apply a small amount of foundation or a sheer tinted moisturizer in five dots to her forehead, each cheek, nose and chin. Blend with fingers or a disposable makeup sponge.

Step 4: Next, apply a light lip stain tinted with a healthy rosy color using a disposable lip brush. Other good choices for lips are a vitamin C or E lip conditioner or green tea lip balm.

Step 5: Apply some rice powder with a kabuki brush in downward strokes. This powder is sheer, has a soft-looking finish and is universal for all types of skin colorings and complexions. There are now mini kabuki brushes available in disposable forms, as well.

Step 6: Apply a touch of blush with a fan brush across the forehead and on the tip of the chin and both cheeks. If she wears bangs, forget the forehead and just apply to the rest of the face. This brush will give a soft look and is mistake-proof. If the client prefers a cream or cheek stain, you don’t need a fan brush; apply those with a tap of the fingers on her cheeks.

Step 7: You may apply a matte nude eye shadow or a shimmer that provides a soft glow all over the lid with a fluff brush.

Step 8: Brush brows and if they need filling in, use a gel brow groomer or fill in lightly with a pencil that matches her brows. If you want to skip this step, you can.

Step 9: Apply clear mascara to condition and define lashes. You may also consider using a brown or eye-opening mascara.

Step 10: You have completed the finishing touch to any facial treatment. Give the client a hand mirror, and remark on how pretty and soft her makeup looks.