Treatment How-to: Rosemary Herbal Wrap

From The Spa at the Sporting Club in San Diego

Restore the skin’s vitality and balance with this botanical mask, leaving the skin silky smooth with its aromatic rosemary formula.

Treatment duration: 50 minutes

Treatment cost: $100


Private shower area

Hot cabinet

Warm towels

Three bowls

Mylar and thermal blanket


Rosemary essential oil

Purifying volcanic clay mask

Scalp massage oil

Rosemary lotion

Room setup:

Place towels on massage table on top of mylar and thermal blankets.

Step 1: Add drops of rosemary essential oil to wet towels and place towels in hot cabinet. Put volcanic clay mask, scalp massage oil and rosemary lotion into three separate bowls, and also place in hot cabinet.

Step 2: Greet the client and describe the treatment in detail. Discuss the client’s health history and remind her that clients who are pregnant or claustrophobic should avoid this treatment.

Step 3: Guide the client to treatment room and ask her to remove her robe and lie face down on the treatment table. Leave the room momentarily for privacy.

Step 4: When starting the service, apply warm volcanic clay mask on client’s body, starting at the feet and moving upward.

Step 5: Ask the client to turn over onto her back, draping with the blanket for privacy, and repeat Step 4 on the front of the body.

Step 6: Drape the client in warm towels, help her sit up and put another warm towel under her back, then have her lie back down.

Step 7: Wrap client in mylar and thermal blankets, and conduct a scalp massage with warm scalp massage oil for 10 minutes.

Step 9: Direct the client toward the shower to remove the mask and ask her to return to the treatment room when ready.

Step 10: When the client returns, complete the treatment with a 10-minute massage using warm rosemary lotion.