Up-to-the-Minute Color Trends

Hollis Wright, the consulting director of product development and information implementation for Colorescience, offers her take on up-and-coming color trends.

“High-contrast colors due to the economic downturn, such as deep, dramatic purples and navy, and colors that help brighten people’s outlooks, such as bright, neon or pale hot pink, chrome yellow and whitewashed colors will be the most popular. I am feeling an immediate Latin trend graduating into multicultural colors, warm tones such as peppers, kelly green and turquoise.

“Trends such as green, warming and others will continue, and greens and neutrals will continue in cosmetics. I also think the retro theme remains for 2010–2011. This will be seen on television and in fitted, conservative clothing.

“For makeup, I think many looks will be stylish, so many identities can manifest. Conservative workplace contrasting with sheer special-effect pigments for evenings and parties will be popular. Bright colors abound, but they will be sheer to layer onto eyes, cheeks and lips. Many mineral makeup products are very versatile in the ways they can be mixed or layered. Sheer, water-resistant shimmer can be created for summer and then be switched to opaque drama for the fall,” says Wright.