Retail Tips: Today's Trends in Age-defying Skin Care

Saving time and money appeals to every consumer. Although mass retailers fulfill the need to get as many of known, trusted products under one roof as possible, convenience is still a very important part of the shopping equation. Today’s consumer is a busy person, and wants her time respected, her dollar stretched, her benefits maximized and her output minimized, which means when she’s in your spa, you’ve got an opportunity to capture her dollars.

Are you stocking the skin care items and products clients need that traditionally have been available via other retailers? Although there will always be consumers who like to keep their shopping habits segregated by retailer, for the most part, this outdated mode of shopping is going the way of using baby oil to get a suntan, and you must be prepared for a new type of client. Not only is she already invested in taking care of her skin—after all, she’s at your spa for her monthly facial—she’s also keenly aware of what needs to be done on her end in order to maintain the most youthful, beautiful complexion. Provide targeted, known and affordable options, and the chances are good she’ll purchase from your spa as easily as from mass retailers.