Retail Tip: Embrace Esthetic Physicians for Greater Financial Rewards

An owner of a medical esthetic practice can potentially double, triple or even quadruple her initial investment in the use of essential oils. “Our experience has been that when one person purchases an essential oil, or has a specific essential oil applied, since the client has multiple extended family members who may need the same type of relief—whether from stress, pain, insomnia, acne or other skin problems—two or three orders for the same essential oil may be placed by the same person within a week or so. Then, the new people will share a drop or two of their oil with other friends, and so forth,” says Robert Galamaga, education director of Miami Aromatherapy, Inc., in Miami. In essence, for rebooking and resale value, essential oil-users will tell their friends, and they’ll tell their friends, and so on and so on.