Retail Tip: Excellent Extracts

Consider using botanical and fruit extracts to customize client services. Keeping an array of extracts on-hand that are suitable for each skin type makes customization simple and inexpensive. Most extracts are water- or oil-soluble and can easily be combined with other ingredients to make treatment products on-site. This option can be marketed as an extract bar with its own price tag or as an add-on to existing services. As a result, the spa can continue to use the products it already has in stock.

In order to do this, spa professionals would need a basic understanding of the extracts and other ingredients they are using to customize services. Ask your ingredient supplier about how they should be used and in what concentration. Also, remember that customized products made on-site are only for one use. Any product remaining after the treatment should be discarded because it isn’t sufficiently preserved, and won’t be safe from bacterial growth.